A Sloe Vespa

Could this be the Christmas Cocktail?  After the picture above was taken the glass had to be almost prized from my hand such is my delight in the Sloe Vespa.  Should you be in possession of a bottle of sloe gin then you are half way to this delicious cocktail which is simply a dash of that topped up with super chilled prosecco.  It is the perfect drop to sip anytime it is cold outside and the fire is lit and is also a marvellous Christmas drink.

I found the sweet little quarter bottle of Prosecco in Waitrose and it makes two glasses of roughly the amount you see above.  What with all the shopping, wrapping and cooking to be done over the weeks ahead, I think a glass of this could be Santa’s little helper…..

Now for a non-alcoholic but just as delicious number.  Equally at home every day or sparkling at a party – a Pomegranate Fizz.  This is deeply lemony and tangy with a slight floral air about it.   Better than I make it sound, very drinkable and absolutely worth a try.  Pour a small amount of pomegranate molasses into a tumbler and add a little sparkling water.  Give it a good stir, the PM is quite treacly in texture and this mixing incorporates it with the water.  Top up the glass with more sparkling, some ice and if you are feeling particularly festive you could add a few pomegranate seeds or better still, put them with the water in the ice trays before freezing.



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