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A couple of years ago I decided I had had enough of cereal for breakfast.  It has done me proud over the past 40 odd years but I was bored of it and had to call time.  As I am not one to miss out on an opportunity to eat however, alternatives had to be found.  Cereal has become such an integral part of weekday breakfast life that it was rather liberating to know I could now have whatever I wanted.  There was a proviso, of course, that it had to be quick, delicious and couldn’t be a seriously bad influence on my children who are both quite happily still within their first decade of cereal consumption.

We are lucky to have four chickens, Speedy, Swimmer, Essie and Joan Collins who provide us daily with delicious, free range eggs so that was one obvious choice.   For me there is little to beat a fresh, boiled egg with brown toast to set me up for the day.  On cold mornings we would venture down the porridge route which I can manage for a couple of breakfasts in a row before that palls.  Scotch pancakes are a great favourite but something we are more likely to have at the weekend as my daughter enjoys making them for us.  Avocado on toast is a winner but there are days that call for less carbs.

Enter the raspberry surprise – juicy pink berries topped with a dollop of creamy Greek yogurt sprinkled with soft brown or muscavado sugar and left just long enough for the sugar to melt into the yogurt. In winter when raspberries aren’t around we have this with bananas in which case we top it with runny honey.  The children often have this too and if they are getting a good helping of fruit and dairy, I can live with the spoonful of sugar or honey on top.  As this is something we also have at lunch or tea it feels even more exciting, decadent almost – pudding for breakfast.

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