Jam Tarts for Red Nose Day

Mad baking today to get REDy (ready) for tomorrows cake stall at school in aid of Comic Relief.  I thought jam tarts were suitably round and red and it is easy to knock up a couple of trays of them.  I have also been painstakingly extracting all the red sprinkles, smarties, hundreds and thousands, chocolate beans etc from their mixed colour packets going almost cross eyed in the process.  These I will strew over a large chocolate icing covered cake to be cut into squares and pressed into hot little hands tomorrow in exchange for cash!

I am sure you don’t need a recipe from me for jam tarts but just in case, either buy your pastry or use the recipe I gave with the Bakewell Tart (March 2013).  Use it to line the holes in a bun tin, add a teaspoonful of jam and cook at 180 for 10 minutes then 150 for a further 10.

Comic Relief do an amazing job and though the proceeds from our cake stall may be but a drop in the ocean, it all helps and it is fun to join in.   Enjoy your Red Nose Day!


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