Creamy Onion Soup

Come on, it wouldn’t be February without some soup.  Cosy, warming, cheap, healthy soup.  Usually vegetable for us but that is not to say that a hot and sour prawn broth or a chilli spiked, coriander strewn chicken one wouldn’t be delicious, it is just that soup is often a quick easy lunch made from whatever I can find in the larder and perhaps needs using up.  Now, whilst I love the deep brown and savoury French Onion Soup, sometimes I like something a bit gentler and softer around the edges – more a hug than a rugby tackle.  This is just the ticket.  Easy peasy and cheap to make, it seems less identifiably oniony to children as well once blended.  Some quickly made crunchy oven baked croutons would be perfect here.

1 tablespoon oil

2 large onions (approx 750g), peeled and chopped

500ml vegetable stock

100ml milk


Sherry, for grown ups

Cream, a swirl (optional)

2 thick slices of bread

1 tablespoon oil

Heat the oil in a large pan over a gentle heat.  Add the onions and a good pinch of salt and cook without colouring for about 30 minutes until very soft and much reduced.  Add the stock and milk and simmer for a few more minutes.  If this is just for grown ups and you want to add a slosh of sherry, now is the time so it gets a chance to cook and lose the raw alcohol taste. Blend in a liquidiser or with a handheld blender and serve with the lovely crunchy croutons and that swirl of cream if you like.

Croutons – cut the bread into cubes, pop them in a small baking tray and turn in the oil, bake at 200 for about 10 minutes until light brown and crispy.


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